Advertising Info

Advertising Info

Promote your business on the 24/604 website. There are two ways you can advertise:

  • Create your own video profile
  • Place an advertisement

Video Profiles

Your video profile includes a high quality promotional video between 2 and 3 minutes in length that tells and shows people what your business is all about. This is posted to the 24/604 website with Search Engine Optimization to ensure that it gets found and an accompanying description that gives more insight to your business.


Place your advertising on the site to let Vancouver area residents and visitors know what you do and what your products and services are all about.

Advertising is reasonably priced, based on the growing number of visitors and page views of Vancouver’s unique and popular video tour guide website. Ads are available for the top header bar, the sidebar, the top of articles or the bottom of articles. Ads cost $100 per month, with frequency discounts available.

Your very own video production

Tell your story

Consider your own video production to promote your business. Red Line Media is a high quality video production company that can help you bring your business to life with a compelling story.

Contact us to learn more about a package for your company to see how your sales can benefit.