Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch Perfection Yolks Restaurant


They are the meals that start your day and give you the energy you need to get out and make of the most of every minute. Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch taken to new heights when you try out the amazing menu offered up by the folks at Yolks Restaurant & Commissary.  From poached eggs, to home made truffle hash browns, and full stacks on pancakes, you might be back for more then one meal after seeing the delicious food they are serving up.

More info:  One of the lucky applicants who were able to start up a food cart in Vancouver, Yolks received huge phrase and recognition for the dishes they were creating, and turned that success into the opening of the Yolks Restaurant & Commissary.  Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch in their own creative way, the team at Yolks has found cracked the perfect balance in a menu that truly reflects the best way to start your day.  With their poached eggs leading the way as the staple of most of the dishes, they have combined that by putting a twist on many staples as well as introducing a number of different favourites from around North America.  With the beignets inspired from New Orleans, and chicken and waffles from the southern US, they have introduced a menu that will truly leave you in a state of inner turmoil as you will want to try everything they have to offer.

With their 3 different locations serving their own unique area, whether its the burrard food cart downtown, the hastings restaurant, or the newest broadway and cambie restaurant, finding your way to yolks to get your breakfast, brunch and lunch fix couldn’t be easier. It’s the most important meal of the day done just the way you want it, and your stomach will be thanking you for this delicious offering.