Artistic Inspiration at the Vancouver Art Gallery


Vancouver is a city that inspires many through the breathtaking mountains and oceans that surround it.  This type of inspiration can lead to many things, and the Vancouver Art Gallery is the perfect place to see how local, national, and artists from around the world have been moved by their own experiences in creating beautiful and thought provoking pieces of work for us to enjoy.  The artistic community can help provide the soul of a city, and with it prominently placed in the centre of downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Art Gallery stands out as one the places you have to visit.

More info: The fifth largest gallery in Canada, and the largest in Western Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery has been part of our city for over 80 years.  Situated in a former provincial courthouse, the area around the gallery has become a central plaza for the city, bringing people together as they take a break from life and are able to relax.  Touring this over 41,000 square foot museum is a site to behold as well, as its more then 10,000 pieces of art work will truly have you moved by what has been created over time.  Along with permanent exhibitions showcasing the works of mainy local BC artists such as Emily Carr, the Vancouver Art Gallery also brings in exhibitions and works from artists from around the globe, allowing their guests the opportunity see an amazing array of pieces that cross history, cultures, religions, and various artistic styles.

Individuals looking to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery are able to do so in a number of different ways, from their regular daily visitor fee to a yearly membership, group tour opportunities, and the always popular Tuesday night evening special where between 5-9pm entrance is by donation.  A visit to the Vancouver Art Galley can have you mesmerized by incredible pieces of art for hours, so make sure to plan your trip soon.