Swing Dance Lessons at Rhythm City Strut


Get your feet moving, your hands clapping, and your body ready to shake it down, we’re heading to the dance floor and taking it back to the 1930’s when the Lindy Hop was the dance of choice and if you had the moves, you brought it out hard. The raw energy and excitement of dance can bring a ton of emotions and at Rhythm City Productions own Rhythm City Strut Swing Dance nights, you will have to showoff your Swing Dance moves, as well as get lessons before joining in on an amazing night watching some incredible dancers work the dance floor. It’s a social dance event that you can really get into, where everyone is smiling and welcoming to dancers of all levels, and where the music will keep you moving all night long.

More info:  The premiere Swing Dance Night in the city, Rhythm City Strut is a great casual evening of dance and socializing, where dancers from all over the city come out to learn, work on, and showcase their swing dance moves as they take part in a full out night of fun and dance.  With individuals of all ages coming to take part, the event is held every Thursday Night at Michaels Hall (2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver), and gives dancers the opportunity to live like its the 1930’s again, showing their lindy hop, charleston, jitterbug, and a whole load of other styles with their partners on the dance floor.  With the swing dance lessons happening before the main dance events starts at 9pm, those learning will be able to do so in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  Once picking up on things, they will have the chance to use the swing dance moves that they learnt in the swing lessons, as well as interact with more experienced dancers as the night goes on.  Once a month they also host a Big Band Night, featuring some amazing live music, which really takes Swing Dancing to a whole new level.