Volunteer in Vancouver: Meals on Wheels Program


The importance of a good meal and having someone to talk to is something that we all see as being automatic in our lives, and is quite often taken for granted by the majority of us. What these provide is a way of showing you are cared for, and the Meals on Wheels service has been a program that has been making an impact all over the world.  In Vancouver and Richmond, the Health and Home Care Society of BC has been providing this highly valued service to seniors, shut ins, and many others who are not able to get out to do these things for themselves.  It is something that can make a world of difference to those who can use a helping hand.

More info:  With a history that begins during the 2nd World War, The Meals on Wheels program has been a leader at providing the necessary food services to those in need.  Starting in 1967 The Health and Home Care Society of BC has taken on the responsibility of offering the Meals on Wheels Program to those in Vancouver and Richmond. As important as providing a home made meal is to the people that utilize the program, the social interaction with one of the many volunteers who are involved in Meals on Wheels is just as welcome.  With a vast majority being house bound, these individuals are sometimes missing the regular social interactions that we have day to day. Getting a visit from the Meals on Wheels volunteers means more then just receiving a meal, but it also allows them to form relationships and have someone to talk to at a time when they are not able to get out to have them themselves. Volunteers in the program commit a few hours a week, and bring a smile to the faces of those they are there to help.