Pole Dancing Classes at Tantra Fitness


Getting a great workout should be a fun experience that you can’t wait to come back to, not a chore that you dread at the end of the day.  Providing a fun, and unique experience that is unlike anything that you would find at your typical gym class is the Tantra Fitness Pole Dancing Classes.  Providing a welcoming and open class environment that will have you learning new skills, having an amazing time, along with getting yourself into incredible shape, this is a work out like you have never had before.

More info: Though often seen through the sexualized image, the Tantra Fitness Pole Dancing classes are first and foremost a fun and exciting way for you to get the work out that you need to make yourself feel great.  Through their mantra of connecting mind, body and pole, individuals from all backgrounds are welcome to the classes where they will have the opportunity to see how a pole is the perfect work out tool to help shape and strengthen you body, as well as provide an incredible physical test.  Tantra Fitness offers a  number of different classes that will allow beginners and more advanced guests the opportunity to build their skills and create workout and artistic opportunities that match their abilities.  Along with the Pole Dancing classes, they also offer a number of Dance Fitness and Aerial Classes, where you will be introduced to various other workout tools such as hoops, and the aerial hammock that will allow you to develop other new skills, while still providing an amazing workout.

Of course they also offer Tantra Fitness Pole Dancing classes in the more fun nature for those looking to come for a bachelorette party or group event. This will also encourage you to come enjoy some of the more fun and playful aspects of pole dancing.