Score on Davie: The Place to Watch Sports


With a city that is as sports crazy as ours, you are always looking for the best place to watch sports, whether its for the big screen tvs, a food menu that will satisfy any big game hunger, and of course a bar that will keep drinks flowing all night.  You can check off all the above by just heading to Score on Davie, Vancouver’s premiere sports bar that will make any game experience a great one.  Catering to the local sports fans, as well as any patron that is looking for a great night out, Score on Davie creates the perfect atmosphere for you to get out with your friends, whether you are looking for a place to socialize, have a meal, and of course the perfect place to watch sports.

More info:  Located on Davie street just down from the always active Entertainment District, Score on Davie is the what you are looking for as the perfect neighbourhood spot where, as they say, you can eat, drink, and watch.  Obviously finding the right place to watch sports is always at the top of our list on any big game night, and Score on Davie fits the bill holding drink and food specials, as well as ticket draws, you can always expecting excitement coming out of this local hot spot.  Just coming to grab some food or stay for a drink takes on a whole new meaning when you look at their menu and see the spreads that they have to offer.  From a nacho plate that will have you tapping out, fried chicken buckets, and a roster of burgers and sandwiches you will want to devour, their food can only be watched by the local craft beers, and their infamous Caesar Madness menu that combines food and drink in a ridiculous and delicious way.