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The people in our lives help us form an understanding about who we are and provide the personal and social support that we need.  Sometimes though, we have difficulties in being able to manage these relationships and require relationship advice to help us along the way.  Relationship Experts Vancouver (R.E.V.) by Richard Tatomir & Stephanie Byrne is the mobile, near 24/7 available, male & female counselling team that treats your relationship as their client. Bringing over 5000 hours of experience reducing conflict in couples, singles, families and teams by teaching the science of healthy relationships directly in your home or office, they can assist you in the relationship advice that you need.

More info: Whether working in your home, or at one of their live events, you will peek behind the often mysterious curtains of couples therapy to take home skills you can use right away to make real changes to your closest relationships. Building on the most effective science-based approaches including Gottman and Emotionally-Focused Therapy methods, Vancouver based male-female relationship therapy team Richard Tatomir and Stephanie Byrne have created RFIT (Relationship First Integrated Therapy), a new approach in relationship advice, resolving relationship difficulties developed out of their frustration with the often ineffective and confusing nature of traditional couples therapy. RFIT takes the headache out of relationships by taking the newest research on healthy relationships and breaking it down into a step-by-step form that couples, singles, families or entire organizations can actually use–even if only one member is willing, and even if significant blocks like anxiety, depression, trauma (including infidelity and abuse) are present. RFIT also applies to singles, a population often left to the wayside in relationship therapy, to help them build a healthy relationship with themselves from the inside out, resolving inner conflict and breaking unhealthy relationship patterns, as well as learning skills to find, and keep, the relationship they want. Continued application of tools in the RFIT toolbox can reduce time and energy spent fighting and increase feelings of closeness and safety in all your relationships.