Personal and Emotional Support with Core Counselling


Everyone has a story to tell, experiences that have shaped their lives, and a path that they embark on in creating their own understanding of themselves and the world around them.  Along the way though, sometimes you come across obstacles and need a helping hand to put things back into place.  At Core Counselling, Robin Huppman uses his background as a Registered Clinical Councellor and member of the Canadian Counselling Association to create a client centered, respectful, and compassionate environment that utilizes the fundamental approach of discovering the strengths and resources that everyone possesses.

More info:  With a focus on ones desire for change and transformation in building their personal and emotional strength, Core Counselling looks to help individuals discover the tools that they need to find their true self. Offering a number of different opportunities through education, group, and one on one counseling sessions, individuals will be able to express their emotions in an environment that is most comfortable to them. It is through the support that they receive from Core Counselling that they will be able to emote the feelings, stresses, and difficulties that they are having inorder to continue on their path as a stronger person.

Dealing with your emotions is often a scary experience that more often then not, individuals tend to shy away from or bury rather then address.  Loneliness, sadness, anger, and disappointment are emotions that can be difficult to manage and understand on your own, but through the support and services from Core Counselling, you will have that shoulder to lean on and person who is there to listen and help work through your emotions with you.  No one should feel like they have to embark on a journey on their own, having the support of someone to help you along the path of self discovery can be an extremely valuable tool to becoming the person you want to be.

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