Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver: Coffeebar in Gastown


Whether it’s to start your day, make it through the afternoon, or end your night, getting out to grab a coffee gives you that boost of energy you need, as well as providing the delicious, smooth flavour you crave.  There is a reason why they call it a “Coffee Break”, and Vancouver is lucky to have some of the best coffee shops in the world.  Reining supreme in Gastown is our very own Coffeebar, the perfect place to get your java needs, as well as kick back and relax, and just enjoy the world happening around you.

More info:  Coffee Culture has taken over our city, with the desire for this hot beverage creating it’s own unique world and the creation of some of the best coffee shops around.  We proudly can showcase a ride range of places, from coffee chains, to local neighbourhood stops, high end coffee innovators, and grab and go for those just looking to keep up with their day.  Coffeebar in Gastown takes the stop and enjoy the day approach, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment where coffee enthusiasts can come to slow things day and observe the world happening around them.  Serving up directly sourced coffee and cocoa beans, they look to provide the highest quality product for their clients to enjoy.  The chocolate that they use is also vegan and gluten free, further demonstrating the importance that they place in allowing everyone to savour their delicious creations.  Along with the taste, the latte artists at coffeebar also demonstrate how they are one of the best coffee shops in the city, as having a little fun with the drink to put a smile on the customers face is just as important to them.  With a tasty food menu that pares well with any beverage you choose, Coffeebar stands out in our coffee mad city.