Authentic Italian Restaurant flavours at Cin Cin


With an aroma that instantly takes over your senses, the authentic Italian Restaurant smells and sounds coming from Cin Cin on Robson Street as soon you walk through the door will make you feel like you’re in Italy.  With a longevity unseen in most restaurants, Cin Cin has continuously impressed and drawn in customers through there creative and delicious flavours, an extraordinary intimate space, and a world class level of hospitality.

More info: Now reaching over 25 years in Vancouvers competitive restaurant scene, Cin Cin on Robson Street has stood out as one of our cities true gems.  Bringing authentic Italian Restaurant flavours to there guests in every visit, the restaurant is more then a place to eat, but an intimate space where you can come enjoy a beautifully prepared meal by a world class chef and staff.  There open kitchen allows you to peer in behind the scenes at the magic that goes into the preparation of each dish, while the Wood Fired Cucina is a sight to see as Executive Chef Andrew Richardson handles the grill with some of the best cuts of meat around.  Creating dishes that focus on the rich variety of flavours and clean aspect of Italian cooking, they are able to present a wide range of culinary creations that will have you transported and enjoying the authentic Italian Restaurant flavours of Italy.

Along with the magnificent food, Cin Cin also has an amazing atmosphere, with seating available in their main dining room, balcony veranda overlooking Robson Street, and in their private wine room.  It is in the wine room that you will notice their award winning collection of wines, with over 1,000 bottles from all over the world that you will be able to enjoy with your meal.  The room is a climate controlled environment that will have you presented with a wine that is at it’s optimal taste.