Hockey Skill Classes at Canlan Ice Sports Burnaby 8 Rinks


There is no doubt that Hockey is seen as Canada’s sport.  Whether you play, watch, or even know about the game, hockey seems to have the power to bring together people of all backgrounds in a single moment to cheer on your home town, your province, and your country in a share moment.  The love of the game is infectious, so being able to learn to play to discover this passion is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.  At Canlan Ice Sports Burnaby 8 Rinks, they offer a number of different ice skating and hockey skill classes that will give players of all levels the tips they need to get out and play this incredible game.

More info:  The premiere recreational ice sports facilities in Metro Vancouver and one of the best in the country, Canlan Ice Sports Burnaby 8 Rinks is a enormous 250,000 square foot facility that houses a variety of sports.  From their 6 NHL size ice rinks, to an indoor soccer field, and a dedicated figure skating rink, sports enthusiasts won’t have a problem finding a way to enjoy what they have to offer.  With a variety of leagues using the rink, Canlan Ice Sports always offers programs of their own which offer individuals of all levels the opportunity to take hockey skill classes so that they can work on their techniques and abilities on the ice.  From power skating lessons to stick handling, defensive techniques, goaltending, and a number of high performance and elite level hockey skill classes, there are camps and academy programs for all looking to improve their game on the ice.

For those looking for recreational time on the ice, they also offer stick and puck sessions where you can come out for a game of shinny or just work on skills on your own during those open ice time period.  Equipment rentals are also available for those looking to try, but not wanting to invest in gear of their own.