Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dodge with Vancouver Dodgeball League


It was a game that you either loved or loathed growing up, though whatever side of the ball you were on, dodgeball definitely had it’s place in our collective memories from our childhood.  Bringing back all of the fun that we remember in a social, community based atmosphere is the Vancouver Dodgeball League, the largest non-profit dodgeball organization in the world.  With over 210 teams, and more then 1500 individuals participating every week, they have taken the childhood game that we know and have turned it into a exciting night of competition and a great way to stay active with your friends.

More info:  With the five D’s of Dodgeball leading the way (thank you Dodgeball Movie for pointing them out), utilizing the techniques of dodge, dip , dive, duck, and dodge will have you becoming a master on your dodgeball court. The fun factor of the game can be heard in every gym that you walk by, as the screams of laughter and fear are mixed together with the thump of balls hitting the wall with every successful defensive move or offensive miss.

The Vancouver Dodgeball League has looked to take the spirit of the sport to the next level, where while dodgeball is the common thread that brings people together, what they can do with that support can mean so much more.  With a goal to create an atmosphere which promotes the game through leagues, tournaments, and skill clinics; the community through sponsoring charity events and fundraising; and the encouragement of physical fitness and an active lifestyle, they have grown to become an organization that looks to make a positive impact everywhere they go.

All individuals are welcome to sign up for the Vancouver Dodgeball League, whether as a team or an individual, and they are always looking for new people to help them make a difference through dodgeball.