Paddleboarding with Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Vancouver


It’s an activity that is made for our laid back, healthy living, and nature loving way of thinking out here on the west coast. Paddleboarding combines aspects of a great workout, peaceful tranquility and getting outside to enjoy the environment around us, all into something that just requires a board, a paddle, and a body of water to float on. With plenty of people looking for ways to do this, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Vancouver has been a leader in the city in offering paddleboarding opportunities to individuals of all abilities. With a service that will bring the paddleboards to you and create an experience that will introduce you to it and have you enjoying yourself on the water, you will be more then excited to get onto the board and start paddling.

More info:  Stand Up Paddle Vancouver has been getting people hooked onto paddleboarding and the many different ways that you can interact with a paddleboard since they began offering their services. With a number of different lesson options for you to choose from, individuals can have a chance to experience paddleboard in a variety of forms, from the basic Stand Up Paddle to SUP Yoga and SUP Fitness, and even SUP Adventures. All lessons include rental of the paddleboard, paddle, and PFD, as well as an on land instructional period before going out onto the water. As this is a water based activity, guests are reminded to wear clothes that will dry quickly and to bring an adventurous spirit with them. Along with individual bookings, group experiences are also available, as well as retreats, and SUP instructor training seminars. From around Vancouver to Burnaby and out to White Rock, SUP Vancouver will ensure that you have the best possible paddleboarding experiences as you embark on your journey onto the water.