Vancouver City Tour with Spokes Bicycle Rentals


There are so many amazing spots around Vancouver that tourists, and even locals have yet to discover. From getting around Stanley Park, making your way along the water from Falsecreek to English Bay, and out to Kitsilano Beach, or traveling through Gastown and up to the Main street area, going on a Vancouver City tour is an amazing experience.  An easy way to traverse around this landscape is by renting a bike from the always friendly and helpful team at Spokes Bicycles rentals. With bikes available for all riding conditions, it’s a great way to check out our city without the stress of sitting in traffic or having to pay for parking.

More info: Servicing locals and tourists since 1938, Spokes Bicycle rentals is setup just outside the entrance into Stanley Park at the corner of Georgia and Denman. This location is the perfect starting place for any Vancouver city tour, as it crosses with some of the best bike paths in the city that can take you into the park, east towards Gastown, or west along some our cities best beaches. Vancouver is quickly becoming an extremely bike accessible city with dedicated and separate bike lanes found in all areas, making your exploration even easier to do.

With a whole selection of bikes that can be rented on an hourly basis, all day, or even for 24 hours, Spokes is able to accommodate your bike needs for any amount of time. Their fleet of bikes also come in a wide variety to facilitate each persons individual riding needs and preferences. From 1 to 7 speed cruisers, to mountain bikes, city and hybrid city-cross bikes, road bikes, and even tandem bikes, everyone will be able to find a way to enjoy going on their Vancouver city tour in a comfortable manner. Child and youth bikes are also available to rent so that this biking adventure can be a perfect family activity as well.