Brazilian Martial Arts at Grupo Axe Capoeira


The style, grace, and rhythm often associated with Brazilian culture is truly an energy that runs deep and is showcased and celebrated in many different ways. A performance to watch that hides the skillful martial art techniques through dance and gymnastic movements, Capoeira is as exciting to do as it is to see. In Vancouver, Grupo Axe Capoeira has been a leader in promoting and providing space to learn and master this amazing martial arts discipline.

More info:  Capoeira has its roots with the African and Indigenous slaves in Brazil in the early 1500’s who used it as a form of self defence from their oppressors. The moves have a very acrobatic and dance like feel, and is usually accompanied by music. In this way those who practiced Capoeira were able to hide the martial arts aspects of it to the unsuspecting eye of their owners who saw it as a cultural dance. Through utilizing techniques that implement high kicks, fluid movement, and strong components of speed and strength, practitioners were able to become skilled martial artists.

At Grupo Axe Capoeira, located on Venables street just off of Commercial Drive, the have established themselves in the city and around the world as a premiere Capoeira Academy. Offering a number of different classes for kids and adults of all levels, they are an extremely open and welcoming community to those from all backgrounds. Along with the classes, they can often be seen all around the city performing at festivals and events, showing their love and skill of Capoeira. Their music, drums, and cheers are an infectious sound that will draw you into their performance circles, and have you amazed by the skill that you see before you. Seeing the passion and energy that they create is an experience in itself, and even more of a reason to come out to participate.