Giving Blood with the Canadian Blood Services


What is means for someone to receive the gift of life can be the difference between living or dying, so be able to help out with this cause is something that is of immense importance.  There is no value that can be placed on what it means to give blood, and the Canadian Blood Services has been making the process accessible for all individuals to come in and make a donation.  The blood donor process makes giving blood a easy and painless experience, and will truly having you realizing how important the process is and how much blood is needed to help an individual in need.

More info: As the national not for-profit organization that manages the blood supply of all provinces and territories in Canada, outside of Quebec, The Canadian Blood Services took over responsibility of the Canadian blood systems in 1998. Collecting approximately 850,000 units of blood a year, they set up blood collection services and promote the importance of giving blood and the impact that each unit of blood has for those in need.  Many are surprised by the amount of blood needed for various types of medical injuries and operations, and through creating ways to inform the public, more individuals become aware of the need and step up to donate. Heart surgery and cancer treatment can take up to 5 donors, a car crash could be up to 50 donros, and a life threatening illness such as leukemia can take up to 8 donors a week.

Individuals interested in giving blood to become a donor have to be in good health and able to preform normal activities, at least 17 years old, and for those between 17-23 years old, meet the height and weight requirements for their age group. When they arrive, they must also fill out a questionnaire to determine your eligibility, where one of the qualified team members will be able to determine whether or not you are eligible to donate. If successful, you can donate every 56 days for whole blood, every 7 days for plasma, and every 14 days for platelets.