Taking the Bungee Jumping plunge at Whistler Bungee


Sometimes you need to give yourself a thrill, a way to let go of all of your stress and yell out to the world in jubilation. Just up the sea to sky highway is the ultimate experience to provide this escape and an adventure that will have you thinking twice before taking the plunge. Whistler Bungee is the Lower Mainlands premiere bungee jumping provider, and will give you more then you can ask for in this once in a lifetime type of excitement.

More info:  Bungee jumping is definitely an adventure that has some eager to get out and try it for themselves, while others are more then happy to stand back and be an observer. At Whistler Bungee, which is located past Squamish on the sea to sky highway and 15 minutes from Whistler Village, they provide a safe and exhilarating bungee jumping experience that will have jumpers excited to come back for more, and might even persuade the observers to get on the bridge and take the plunge.

With jumpers 160 ft above the Cheakamus River, the look down from the bridge can be an adrenaline rush in itself. Their trained staff does an amazing job going over the safety procedures with ever guest, as well as making sure that you are properly strapped in to the harnesses and gear that you wear. Once you are properly secured, it is then walking out from the bridge onto the platform and getting ready to take your jump. This can be an extremely nerve racking experience, but the staff is always there to make sure that you are comfortable with the plunge ahead, and to provide you with that added boast of motivation.

Whether jumping solo, tandem, or even in a wheel chair, the 20 years of service that Whistler Bungee as been providing for those looking for a bungee jumping experience is top notch.