Cruising the Vancouver Beaches


There isn’t anything better then a Vancouver summer day, especially when it means that you can head out for some fun and sun at one of the Vancouver beaches. Everyone has their reasons, whether its to relax, enjoy the sunshine and water, or to take in some of the beautiful scenery that surrounds them. The reasons you have for getting down to the beach, and the pre beach preparation you put in is what is what our host Levi Hildebrand is looking to get to the bottom of.

More info:  The summer beach body is loud and proud as we hit the Vancouver beaches to chat with Vancouverites about their favourite reasons for coming down for the sand and surf. There are many reasons of course why the beach attracts us, but even more interesting is the things we do to prepare for our trip there. You will be surprised just what type of things we might do to get ready to relax, especially when it comes to trying to impress other beach goers.

Along with the obvious physical attractions of going to the Vancouver beaches, there are also a number of characters that you might come across. The beach is definitely a place that makes everyone smile and thats why it’s so much fun to get out and take it all in. Our host Levi Hildebrand is always one for talking it up and meeting some new friends, and boy did he get some amazing smiles when the decided to cruise the Vancouver beaches. This is a segment that is truly about fun in the sun, so put on your swim suit, grab your blanket, and pack some snacks cause you are going to be here awhile enjoy a beautiful summer day. It’s Vancouver at it’s best and most friendliest time.