The Thunderous Sounds of Uzume Taiko Drumming


It’s an incredibly thunderous and powerful sound that echoes out into the air, capturing your attention and drawing you closer to see what it resonated from. The Japanese art of Taiko drumming is a symbol of Japanese culture that is recognizable throughout the world, and here on the West Coast we are lucky to have one of the premiere taiko drumming groups. Uzume Taiko has been showcasing the best of taiko drumming with their own unique west coast flare, and along the way have been sharing their love of music and performance with everyone they come across.

More info: Formed in 1988, Uzume Taiko has been taking the traditional art of Japanese Taiko drumming and create a fusion with the modern sounds around them. The West Coast Taiko performance that they create is one which takes their audience to a new level through the sonic, visual, and sensual experience that surrounds them. Through their own evolution as a group over time, they have been able to share and be inspired by a number of different ways in which their own unique voice is presented through their music. Traveling across the country and even around the world, Uzume Taiko has been able to introduce their own musical and artistic style to this traditional art form.

Along with the performances that you can watch, Uzume Taiko also offers workshops and youth programs that will give you a chance to learn the art of taiko. Always looking for a way to introduce and capture the imagination of the next generation of taiko drummers, this is an excellent way for you to learn more about this musical form. With their upbeat and majestic performance capturing your attention, while the rhythmic beats of the drum follow your heart, Uzume Taiko is definitely finding a way to bring the best to Taiko drumming.