Get out and Dance at Harbour Dance


You hear the rhythmic sound of coming around you, your feet begin to tap, your hips begin to shake, and before you know it, your whole body is caught up in a trance as it moves uncontrollably to the beats around you. To dance is definitely one of the joys that we have in life and can be seen by how translates through all people, cultures and backgrounds all around the world. Coming out to dance at Harbour Dance on Granville Street is a great way to expose yourself to a wide variety of styles, genres, and levels of dance that are fun and an amazing way to stay in shape.

More info:  A world class studio with instructors whose dance backgrounds represent an international array of performers, learning to dance at Harbour Dance studio is a welcoming experience for all individuals. Whether you have you danced your whole life and are looking to continue your art, are a beginner who has always wanted to perform, or someone looking for an exciting experience, they have it all. Ballet, hip hop, jazz, funk, street, tap and groove, are just a few of the different styles of dance that they offer, and represent many unique ways to get your dance on.

Along with the individual classes that you an attend by dropping in, dance at Harbour Dance can also be learnt through their various workshops. As well as dance ones, you can also sign up for a singing workshop, cabaret burlesque, salsa, and sexy street. The ways that you can artistically express yourself are plentiful, and with their professional and experienced instructors providing you with the lessons you are bound to have a great time. Come out and enjoy the best of dance and let your body feel the music as well as get an amazing workout.