Welcoming tourists & locals at Cambie Pub and Hostel


Constantly rated as one of the Best Cities in the World, Vancouver sees over 8 million visitors coming to the city each year, and with this national and international influx, it is important to be a good host and welcome everyone to our city. As one of the top hostels around, The Cambie Pub and Hostel has been a place that has been welcoming tourists and locals, and bringing them together to meet, share a drink, a laugh, and some great stories. There isn’t a better way to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together, and the Cambie has been doing an amazing job to promote this.

More info: The lineup surrounding the Gastown Cambie Pub and Hostel isn’t hard to miss, as is the mix of people from all different backgrounds coming together for a night of fun. With it’s hostel directly connected to the pub, it is a place that has been welcoming tourists through their doors, and inviting locals in for a true international flavor.  The energetic atmosphere inside heavily promotes this friendly atmosphere, from the long shared tables, to the various billiard and arcade games you can play, and of course music that will have you itching to dance. All are ways that promote social interaction, and whether its with your current friends, or new ones that you meet, the amount of fun you will have can’t be measured.

The Cambie also hosts various specials and theme nights throughout the week, such as their Cambie Pong Mondays, Wings! Wings! Wings! Wednesdays, Tight A$$ Thursdays with free cover, and various Industry nights. Daily drink specials are also always available everyday of the week, with each night having their own beer, shot, and mixed drink deals to have.  There isn’t a better place around that has been welcoming tourists and locals under one roof, so you have to make sure the Cambie Pub and Hostel is on your list for where to be.