Rolling a Strike at The Zone Bowling Centre


It’s a great time out that will have you laughing, cheering, and hanging your head in embarrassment.The bowling alley has always been an amazing place to socialize and have fun with your friends, and at The Zone Bowling Centre in Richmond, they have take things to a whole new level. Bring bowling into the present, the The Zone Bowling Centre is an entertainment complex that will provide enough fun, food, and drinks for people of all ages to enjoy. This isn’t the musty old bowling alleys you may remember, so put on your shows, grab your bowling ball and hit the lanes.

More info:  Based out of the Riverport Sports and Entertainment Complex in Richmond, The Zone Bowling Centre is one of the main features that provides it’s guests with endless opportunities to have an incredible time. Starting with their 5 and 10 pin bowling lanes , and the wide variety of bowling experiences that they offer, individuals can expect to enjoy their time bowling in the way that best suits them. Whether you are coming with your friends or family for a party or a night of fun, looking to get involved in a league, or interested in trying something crazy with their Cosmic Bowling nights, there is so much they are able to offer. They also hold weekly specials for families, seniors, late night bowlers, and even a women and wine bowling event.

Their arcade is also a fun feature for those looking to take a break from the lanes and try their hand out at some skill testing video games, while their food and drink services will have you easily distracted between games as you satisfy your thirst and hunger. Prices for bowling vary based on days and times, so make sure to take a look and find the best night for you and your group to come out to go for a strike!