The Last Splash at Splashdown Water Park


A part of summer that many of us grew up with, heading out for a day at Splashdown Water Park was always an experience that was a mix of excitement and fear as the waterslides came into view. Coming out of the change room and making your way up the stairs and then standing on the platform ready to take off was a true moment in time. However, once you took the plunge and flew out in the pool below you were always ready to go at it again!

More info: 2016 marks the 33rd Season of Splashdown and unfortunately for all of us who enjoyed the thrills that it provided, this will also be the Last Splash for them.  The park will officially close at the end of this summer, so there isn’t a better way to relive your childhood and adult memories then coming out for a final slide.

Opening on Saturday June 4th, you can expect sunny Tsawwassen to be shining bright on this favorite hot spot as you set out for a day to conquer the park. All of your favorite slides from Big Jims River Run to Oliver Twist, Kamikazi, and the Corkscrew, and of course the infamous Blackhole are waiting for you and your terrifying screams a you make your way down. The group picnic and bbq areas are also all set up and ready for guests to enjoys, as well as the basketball and volleyball courts when you need a dry way to stay active.

Of course staying dry is not a priority as it is the waterslides that draw us to Splashdown Water Park, and everyone should make sure to get the most of this Last Splash. Bring your friends, family, or come with your school, lets all make this an amazing summer to enjoy one of our cities true entertainment icons.