Giving Hope through Charity at the Salvation Army


The ability to lend a helping hand and provide a sense of hope to an individual in need is a gesture that we are all able to make. The communities that we live in are a place that we should look to make better and the work and charity at the Salvation Army is a example of just how important that help can be. Through the services that they offer, the open space they are able to provide, and the sense of hope they look to share, they have shown the difference that can be made when a simple act of kindness is offered.

More info:  With their roots going all the way back to 1865 in London, England, the charity at the Salvation Army has had a far reaching impact on a global scale that has touched communities and individuals all over the world. Recently celebrating 150 years of bringing help and hope to the world’s most vulnerable, their activity in 127 countries has been an inspiration to many, and in Canada, they are the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services. With a reach that has them serving 1.85 million people a year in over 400 communities across Canada, the influence that they organization has had is clear to see.

Charity at the Salvation Army comes in many different forms, and can be seen through the many ways that an individual can be involved. From becoming a volunteer to help out with some of their social services or at their fundraising events, donating to the organization as a monthly donor, or even bringing clothes and toys to one of their many outlets, there is an abundance of ways that you too can make a difference. The Salvation Army is a leader across the country and all around the world in ensuring that those in need have the support of their community, and ways to regain their sense of hope.