Over 200 Flavors at La Casa Gelato


You can never say no to a sugar craving, so what better way to give in to the craving then to head out for some ice cold Gelato! Though Curry, Rice, and Wasabi may not be traditional flavors, they are just a few of the crazy and delicious selections that you can find at La Casa Gelato on Venables street. With over 200 flavors to try, you won’t be looking anywhere else for some of the best ice cream in Vancouver, so come along with us as we check out what the experience is like there.

More info: Since they first started out over 30 years ago, owner Vince Misceo and his wife Pina have taken their love for ice cream and brought the tradition of Gelato making that they learnt back in Italy to share with us in Vancouver. Starting with a restaurant on Commercial Drive that served pizza, panni, and gelato (though just 12 flavors), they moved to their current location on 1033 Venables in 1994 and begin focusing on building their Gelato empire. With 40 flavors being offered when that location opened, they quickly began adding new flavors to their menu, going from 40 to 68, 88, 128, 208, and today having made more then 518 flavors, of which 218 are available in store everyday.

While ones such as mango, tiramisu, and hazelnut are now part of our regular favorites, Vince has continued to push the bar for those looking for a little more adventurous gelato experience. From Seaweed to Curry, Balsamic to Viagra, there isn’t anything that he won’t try to make for a customer base that is always looking for an exciting new flavor. How they have continued to serve some of the best ice cream in Vancouver is easy to see, and from the lineups outside of their shop, customers are obviously loving being able to come visit La Casa Gelato.