Ultimate Grouse Mountain Experience – Hike, Yoga & Zipline


A must do destination for any outdoor enthusiast, Grouse Mountain has activities going on throughout the year that will satisfy all of your active and adventurous needs. Locals take pride in how this local gem has become one of the best tourist attractions in Vancouver known all over the world. A full day is almost not enough to take in all that is offered, so our Fit and Fun Host Stephanie Florian sets out to conquer all that she could so that you could get a glimpse of what to expect on your Grouse Mountain Experience.

More info: Looking for tourist attractions in Vancouver? Grouse Mountain is an outstanding achievement in promoting the adventurous, outdoor lifestyle that has attracted locals and visitors alike. When the sunny, warmer weather breaks through, getting out to conquer the 2.9 kilometre trail known as the Grouse Grind is an a must do for anyone in the city. “Nature’s Stairmaster” is not just a fun and challenging way to get to the top of Grouse Mountain, but it is also an experience that can’t be explained by words. When you reach the top, their mountain top Yoga classes are a great way to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the nature around you, as you achieve strength and inner peace for your soul. Then just letting loose and adding a bit of thrill, there isn’t a better way to make your way down Grouse then by trying out their Zip Line course. With 5 exciting lines to get any adrenaline junky screaming for more, this tourist attraction provides a unique way to take in the beautiful view of our North Shore mountains.

With a Wild Life Refuge, Lumberjack and Bird Show, Mountain Disc Golf Course, and delicious restaurants, taking the Skyride up, or hiking up on the Grind, one of the main Tourist Attractions in Vancouver, Grouse Mountain has lots to offer anyone looking to enjoy the best of nature.