Personal Custom Tattoos at Electro-LadyLux


A form of artistic and personal expression, getting a tattoo is an extension of an individual that they are excited to proudly display on their body. Finding the perfect shop and artist to get custom tattoos is a very important decision, and in Vancouver, Electro-Ladylux has been demonstrating their artistic talents since they opened. Specializing in creating personal, custom tattoos for their clients is a major priority for them, so that the tattoo work that they do becomes an everlasting symbol for you to cherish.

More info:  Since opening in 1995, Electro-Ladylux has been welcoming clients to their Commercial Drive shop and sharing in the design experience as they work together to create some amazing custom tattoos. With their talented team of artists, led by owner Teresa Johnson, and many whose work as been recognized by both the local and international tattoo community, each artist brings a different style to their work. It is important for the client/artist relationship to have a strong sense of trust, and Electro-Ladylux will ensure that everyone getting a tattoo will be comfortable with the design and artist they are working with.

As Vancouver’s original female owned and operated tattoo shop, Electro-LadyLux also looks to create an open and welcoming environment, where individuals of all backgrounds will be comfortable in coming into the shop to meet the artists and see their work, before booking an appointment. Individuals must be 18+ years of age to get a tattoo at the shop, though minors can be tattooed if a parent or guardian is there to give signed consent. A free first booking consultation with an artist is done where clients will be able to meet the artists and let them know the details behind the tattoo that they are looking for, as well as any other important information that should be known before the process begins. Bookings are preferred though based on the number of appointments scheduled that day, walk in opportunities may be available.