Authentic Japanese Food with Flair at Tokyo Thyme


Our cities craving for Japanese food is an addiction that is hard to control, which is a good thing as we are lucky to have some of the best and most authentic Japanese food outside of Japan.  With so many around, knowing which ones are at the top of the charts, hitting it out of the park with their dedication to the highest quality of food is important to know, and we found one has been bringing their Kerrisdale Neighbours back for more at Tokyo Thyme. Serving premium sushi and unique dishes, while featuring authentic Japanese food with a new age flair, they will have you longing to come back for your next visit.

More info:  Truly what you would call a hidden gem in the city, Tokyo Thyme has been a popular spot for authentic Japanese food, as well as putting their own twist on some of our most favourite and well known dishes.  Bringing the attention to detail that is a staple of Japanese cuisine, guests can expect to be wow’d be the quality and design that is put into every dish. Their menu reflects a wide range of dishes, from the classic Sashimi, Maki Rolls, Nigiri, Appetizers, Udon, and Donburi Bowls, to those that reflect their own creative flair.

While many are familiar with the clear noodle, and vinegar base sunomono salad, Tokyo time presents their version as a refreshing thinly sliced cucumber wrapped roll filled with shrimp, crab, smoked salmon, yamaimo, tamago, and avocado.  It’s definitely a non traditional way to enjoy this dish, but will leave you excited for the 2nd bite.  Their Red and White Tuna sashimi stack is flavoured perfectly and complimented with avocado and yamaimo, while served with sushi rice and seaweed for you to wrap on your own. Their creative rolls such as the rainbow, gift from winter, and october devil will present you with some new taste sensations, while the various combos and set meals will provide the perfect opportunity to try many different dishes for one great price.