High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company


It’s a afternoon of treats, conversation, and relaxation that allows us to spoil ourselves in a formal, sophisticated manner that slows things down and adds a little class to the coffee breaks that pass through our daily lives.  High Tea takes that break to the next level, and at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale, you will be able to have a taste experience like no other as you enjoy your time in this idillic boutique setting.

More info:  When you think of high tea, it is hard not to remember the tea parties that you imagined growing up with your friends, or even the dolls in your room.  A beautiful formal setting with a table setup with the finest china tea set. You would bring out a whimsical tea pot steeped with a delicious, warm beverage, while laying out a platter of tasty, and intricacy decorated desserts and petite fours for everyone to enjoy.  With high tea being linked to our countries British roots, it definitely a time where we become entranced with a image of sophistication and class.

The Secret Garden Tea Company was inspired by the afternoon teas and tea parties that were experienced growing up, and the attention to detail that was put into the atmosphere and each dish that was served to create the afternoon tea and high tea experience.  They have made sure to live up to these standards through their shop, and the menu of treats, teas, and meals that they offer.  From coming into to have a full high tea session, or just to enjoy some delicious food and teas, your tastebuds will be excited for what is in store for them.  The Secret Garden also offers treats and high tea to go, so for those looking to recreate the experience for themselves at home, they have all the pieces you would need for your own high tea celebration.