Local Craft Beer Tour at Storm Brewing


Our local craft beer scene in the Lower mainland has been booming as late, with some incredible breweries opening up and serving up world class beer for us to try.  With a variety of different types, flavours, and brewing styles, you have your choice in finding the perfect taste for every situation.  With a brewing history in Vancouver that dates back over 20 years, Storm Brewing has been a pioneer in the local craft beer scene, creating a product that has stood out over time, while at the same time continuing the strength of their local roots in the city.  Commercial Drive is an even better place to visit when you know that while there you can always drop in to taste what Storm Brewing has on tap.

More info: Thundering onto the Vancouver market in 1995, Storm Brewing brought their own unique take on the local craft beer scene. Looking back at the German Alt Biers as inspiration, they created their Red Sky Alt, the perfect throwback to the Golden Years of European Brewing.  With Brewmaster and Owner James Walton leading the charge, they have continued to bring their style of innovative and unpretentious beer to the Vancouver local craft beer scene, introducing a number of different beers, from the Hurricane IPA to the Imperial Flanders Red Ale, and most recently, their Glacial Mammoth Extinction.

A strong, sour beer, the Glacial Mammoth Extinction is one of the first of it’s kind in using the brewing technique that were used, and inspired James to order the creation of a custom hand crafted glass blown bottle that had a carved, prehistoric mammoth pendant placed over it.  Selling for $1000 a bottle, this had it being referred to as the most expensive beer in Canada, and has brought further attention to Storm Brewing and the quality of their beers as one of the best local craft beer makers around.