Street Food and Cheap Deals at Richmond Night Market


The Richmond Night Market is a staple of summer and one of the funnest places to spend your nights for delicious food, great deals, and a late night out with friends. Nightlife Host Christina Meng shows you all the fun things to do at the Richmond Night Market. Take in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this exciting night spot.

More info: There are many things to do in the summer in Vancouver but the Night Market in Richmond is a must do. Located beside the River Rock Casino Resort just off River Road, the Richmond Night Market is one of the city’s premiere summer events. Recreating the energetic open market environment seen in many cities around the world, Richmond’s has been recognized as one of the Top Night Markets in the World by Travel and Leisure Magazine (

Opening around Mid May each year and running until October, guests are able to visit the market on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Nights, along with holidays. And with such a long standing run, there is plenty of time for everyone to visit the market multiple times to get their fix. For those looking to get the best bang for their buck, the Zoom pass allows a heavily discounted price per visit, along with the perk of being able to enter through its own VIP lineup. There are so many Things to Do at the Richmond Night Market, from Asian, European, and North American food vendors, cell phone accessories and devices, socks, art work, kids crafts, clothing, Live Music Performances, and a Games Area, there are so many different ways you can enjoy the Richmond Night Market. Parking for this event is free, and admission is just over $2 per person, though as mentioned above, the Zoom pass is a great deal for those looking to come in groups or multiples times over the year.