Fun and Thrills at Playland Amusement Park at PNE


It marks the start of summer, and if you are looking for those stomach tingling thrills, Playland Amusement Park in Vancouver is where you need to be.  With ride to make you scream, skill testing games, and of course all of the sweet fair treats you could ask for, there isn’t a better place to come for fun.

More info: A noticeable city landmark when you drive down Hastings Street, Playland Amusement Park provides the Carnival atmosphere for the larger Pacific National Exhibition which runs for 17 days every August. Made up of thrill seeking rides, skill testing games ,and the always delicious food, Playland is the fun escape from everyday life in the city. One of the most classic rides of the park is the Wooden Roller Coaster, which has been the signature attraction since 1958. Getting up to speeds of 76km/hr and with a 20ft drop, passengers find themselves holding on tight through every twist and turn, only being held down by a single bar across their lap. It is this old style design that has brought roller coaster aficionados from all over the world to come experience and appreciate this historical roller coaster. The Atmosphere Swing Ride and Hellevator are also 2 daunting rides that make a very noticeable mark on the cities skyline and provide incredible views of the park when you are over 200ft in the air.

For amusement park fans who can never seem to get enough, Playland offers season passes which allow for unlimited entry into the park during Playland hours, as well as other various perks and price discounts. Especially if you’re looking for family things to do in Vancouver, Playland is the perfect spot. With new prizes in their games being introduced each season, and a constant supply of cotton candy, mini donuts, popcorn, and whales tails, there is always many ways to enjoy your time at Playland Amusement Park in Vancouver.