Making Drinks at the Metropolitan Bartending School


After a long hard day, there couldn’t be a better escape then sitting back and relaxing with a tasty beverage, surrounded by friends in a beautiful setting.  There is a reason why Happy Hour exists, and why the bars, lounges, and pubs we go to are such an important nightlife escape. Getting out though is sometime a drag, but what if you learnt the skills to know how to make the drinks on your own? So being able to enjoy the comforts of home, with that drink in hand. That is exactly the type of scenario that you can achieve being signing up for a class at the Metropolitan Bartending school. For those looking to gain some knowledge, learn how to create some delicious drinks, and even to get their certification for a job as a bartender, you’ll want to sign up for a class and become your own master behind the bar.

More info: The Metropolitan Bartending School is Vancouver’s premiere bartending school, welcoming budding mixologists through their doors since 1995.  Offering a wide range of difference classes, seminars, and courses, anyone looking to learn some tricks of the bartending trade, as well as how to make their own incredible drinks, will want to come sign up. Whether on your own or with a group, all are welcome to attend.  Their 1 day seminar programs offer skills in flair, bar chef, and wine tasting, while certification programs range from Serving it Right, to Bar Certification, and even a Masters Course which will give you the skills to pour in any bar, restaurant, or nightclub in the city.

Having your friends over to show off the drink mixing skills that you’ve learnt will instantly make you the hit of the party, and will allow you to enjoy some amazing beverages in the comfort of your own personal space.