Uniting Mind, Body, and Spirit at Maa Yoga


The strength in building your inner self, and sense of peace that comes from being able to unite your mind, body, spirit, and heart is a feeling that we should all strive for.  Finding a community and place where you can come together with like minded individuals is exactly what Maa Yoga in North Vancouver is able to offer.  It’s a tranquil space that will allow you the time, space, and support in being able to find a stronger version of yourself as you embark in a journey of self discovery through the various classes and services that they offer.

More info: With a vision to create a nourishing environment for their community, Maa Yoga looks to be the tranquil space where one can learn to practice a healthy way of living for themselves, and in interacting with those around them. Offering many different styles of yoga for those of all abilities, interests, and experiences, they will encourage you to find the yoga in you.

The classes at the Maa Yoga studio are offered everyday with classes starting as early as 6am, and ending after 9pm.  With styles such as Flow which links together continuous flowing movement with rhythmic breathing, Hatha which looks to calm and balance your body, Kundalini which stimulates the nervous, glandular, and immune systems, and Yin which complements all yoga practices with a focus on more powerful energy and movements, there are so many ways in that you can find the ideal style of yoga for you.  There are various daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and prepaid memberships that will allow you to participate in the classes you want in a way that works best with your schedule.  And for those looking for a more encompassing experience, Maa Yoga also organizes workshops, and retreats for those looking for more then the daily classes.