Real Life Gaming Experience at EXIT


Imagine being locked up in a dark, unknown chamber; the echo of your own voice making you realize how alone you are, while the pressure mounts as you realize your quick thinking and ability to stay calm and composed are your only ways out.  When sitting on your couch playing a video game, things seem easy, though how about taking this gaming experience and putting yourself in the real situation.  The pressure is on as you try to solve the puzzle at EXITin Richmond, the real life gaming experience that whether with a group or on your own, will test your ability to solve the unsolvable.

More info: It’s the gaming experience that has been sweeping through the city, problem and puzzle solving escape rooms have created an exciting new challenge and a fun activity for a night out with your friends.  Taking the visual and thrilling interactive environment created in the video game world, and allowing you the chance to enter a real world equivalent, players will become lost and caught up in how realistic things feel.  EXIT is continuously looking to push the boundaries of the escape room experience, now offering up 3 different experiences to challenges players of all types.

The classic Escape games will have players engaging in various theme rooms and having to solve a problem in a fixed amount of time, while the Adventure Series creates a Role Playing Game (RPG) experience where players can gain experience points, level up, and collect various weapons to help them along on their journey.  For those who play first person shooter games, EXIT’s Real Life Arcade Series has you fight, shooting, and casting spells against monsters as you try to battle your way to success.  Get your team together as the real life gaming experience will have you immersed in an challenge unlike anything you have faced before as you look for a way to declare your completion success!