Cooking School Classes at The Dirty Apron


The feeling of sitting down to relax and enjoy a delicious home cooked meal is definitely one of the simple pleasures in life that we tend to take for granted. Coming up with excuses such as time, confidence in our cooking ability, or general lack of comfort in and around the kitchen keep us from having this experience, but we have a solution for you.  The Dirty Apron Cooking School classes are a fun, easy, and comfortable environment that will give individuals of all cooking abilities the chance to learn how easy it is to create amazing dishes and meal on your own.  With instructors who come from a wide range of culinary experiences and expertise, each class will give you the chance to become the at wizard in the kitchen that you always imagined.

More info: The cooking school classes offered at The Dirty Apron touch upon a number of different culinary techniques, cultural dishes, and styles of cooking that will appeal to everyone’s tastes and abilities.  With classes being offered almost every night at their Beatty street location, you can sign up as an individual, as a pair, or even with a whole group that can come in and having an exciting and tasty night out cooking.  Types of classes offered range from cooking on the bone, the ocean fling seafood class, French and Italian cuisine, soups, and couples cooking.

Each class starts with an introduction and instructional lesson from the teacher, before students are assigned to their stations and have a chance to familiarize themselves with the tools and products at their disposal.  Once the prep and cooking portion starts, the instructor will come around and provide each group with advice on how they are doing and tips on ways in which they can become stronger and more comfortable around the kitchen.  Of course once the the cooking is done, it is time to sit down and enjoy your culinary creations with your classmates, chat about what the experience was like, and of course taste your dishes and enjoy the taste sensations you have created.