Live Music and Performances at Cafe Deux Soleils


Finding that place in your neighbourhood that brings the community together over food, drinks, fun, and amazing local live music and performances definitely classifies it as a hidden gem.  A part of the eclectic commercial drive scene for more then 20 years, Cafe Deux Soleils has been that spot where everyone gathers to end to begin their day, celebrate their night, or find a relaxing way to enjoy their afternoon. It provides the comfort that you are looking for, and the homestyle hospitality that will have you coming back time and again.

More info:   With the amazing artistic scene that Vancouver inspires, you can find a number of individuals looking for ways to express their creativity.  Cafe Deux Soleils is one of those venues that promotes and encourages this type of expression through the live music and performances nights that they host weekly.  The variety of acts that you can expect to see are incredible, from improv groups, to poetry slams, story telling, open mic nights, and established groups looking for a stage to perform.  Every night of the week holds something different, though all will have you appreciating the work that these individuals and groups have done, as well as possibly inspiring you to find a way to express your artistic side as well.

Along with the live music and performances that they host, Cafe Deux Soleils also serves up some amazing food, whether you come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. With a menu that features items such as El Jefe, Huevos Angeros, a Pineapple Tofu Burger, Eastern Block Perogies, and home made Pot Pie, finding time to come in for all of your daily meals will be a regular routine. From families to singles, couples on a date or friends meeting up for a coffee, Cafe Deux Soleil caters to everything that their neighbourhood is looking for.