Your Sci-Fi and Fantasy Hangout at Storm Crow Tavern


The Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres are taking over our screens, from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Walking Dead, and Lord of the Rings, these TV shows and movies have been breaking records and creating massive follows around the world.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a place to go out to watch, celebrate, and socialize with fellow fans over a drink and some tasty eats.  Well on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, The Storm Crow Tavern is your Sci-fi and Fantasy hangout, providing an eclectic setting filled with posters, props, and memorabilia, and most importantly TV Screens playing all of your favorites, No Sports guaranteed! It’s the perfect place to watch ever episode and then turn to the person next to and have a drink while you discuss your theories for next weeks show.

More info:  The Storm Crow Tavern has been a staple on Commercial Drive as Vancouver’s premiere Sci-Fi and Fantasy hangout, hosting fans from all over as they come together to enjoy their favorite programs and games in this themed setting. You will be enthralled by all of the things you see and the tavern style look when you walk through the doors, and guests will be thrilled when they recognize how the menu and drinks reflect some of their favorite characters and shows. From the Romulan Wings of Vengeance to the Tacos of the Damned, Baba Yaga’s Paranormal Perogies, and the Demonic Dark Chocolate Raspberry Crumble the food will have you drooling, and are the perfect setup to enjoy drinks like the Sexy Teenage Vampire, The Wolverine, Khal Drogo, and Smaugs Golden Hoard.

You have to be on it to find a seat at the Storm Crow Tavern during one of the popular episode nights, and it is stressed that while the show is on, the conversations are not.  For those who can’t get in, they have also opened the new Storm Crow Alehouse on West Broadway and Fir so make your way down there to enjoy more at your favorite Sci-fi and Fantasy hangout.