Horseback Riding at Leghorn Ranch


Our connection with and enjoyment of the natural treasures around around us is something that we in British Columbia are blessed to have.  From the mountain peaks to the valleys, lakes, and rivers, there are so many different areas for you to explore, and ways to do it.  Further bringing that connection is the horseback riding adventure that you can experience with Leghorn Ranch in Pitt Meadows.  Providing the unique and exciting opportunity in a safe and guided environment, individuals will have able to get out to explore the trails and mountain sides on this break taking journey.

More info:  As a premiere ranch looking to provide individuals of all backgrounds the chance to have a horseback riding adventure, Leghorn Ranch prides itself on having professional guides who will ensure you have an amazing experience.  Through a process that involves meeting the horses, learning about safety, and then having a lesson on the horses before even embarking on the trails, they make sure that everyone is comfortable being around and on the horses.  The cowboys leading each group have years of experience and are more then excited to be able to share that with each guest.

Leghorn Ranch offers many different horseback riding options to suit everyone, from 1 and 2 hour tours around the area, to half, and even full day adventures that will have you exploring all over.  The Golden Ears trails is a popular trek for the shorter tours, while the longer ones will also take you along the Alouette River and up to a waterfall as you travel through the natural rainforest through beautiful rock pools. Individuals looking for a more challenging ride will also have the chance to go up and down steep inclines, through rivers, and skillfully maneuvering around various obstacles to make this a horseback riding adventure to remember.