Kitty Nights Burlesque Show Vancouver


It’s artistic, sexual, and full of amazing performances, the Kitty Nights Burlesque Show Vancouver is your chance to come out and take in this classic form of tease and seduction as each performer on stage takes you through their own imaginative world.  Happening every Sunday Night at the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver, Kitty Nights Productions brings together some of the best burlesque performers in the city and gives you a peek into their playful and naughty artistic expression.  Constantly rated as the Best Burlesque Show Vancouver has to offer, you can expect a top rated review that will have you taken back to when the world of burlesque reined supreme.

More info:  Starting in 2008, Kitty Nights Productions brought their show to Vancouver after setting up a successful string of regular performances in New York.  Co-Produced by the talented Burgundy Brixx, she had the opportunity to bring another version of the show to Vancouver, and found the perfect setup at the Biltmore Cabaret, where they have been running the show ever Sunday night since then.  Offering an opportunity for burlesque performers in the city to showcase their talents, as well as giving guests the chance to come out to watch a top notch show, it has been a perfect fit in creating another exciting night time event to get out to.

Originally known as one of the sin cities, you would be surprised at the deep history that exists in how there were many Burlesque Show Vancouver has had to offer.  Many venues around the city hosted their own burlesque night back in the day, with even the Pacific Nation Exhibition having it’s own as part of the Fair’s entertainment package. Kitty Nights Productions has continued to create a place where Burlesque artists are able to come out and showcase them talents, while a crowd is able to show their appreciation for this sexually teasing performance.