Relaxing Hookah Lounge at Hafez Tea House


It’s a popular Middle Eastern and South Asian leisure activity that has spread across the world, getting out to smoke and have a drink at a Hookah Lounge is a relaxing experience that you can get out socialize and enjoy the night with your friends. In Burnaby, the Hafez Tea House provides a comforting atmosphere where you can come out to smoke a wide selection of their fruit flavored herbs, sip on tea, and take in some of their weekly entertainment.  It’s definitely a one of a kind experience that will have you curious to come check out when you’re looking for a night out.

More info:  A part of the Persian culture dating back as far as the 15th century, and making its way across the Middle East and South Asia, the Hookah has been a prominent activity enjoyed in their leisure time by royalty and commoners alike. With the opening of cafes and the hookah lounge, towns and villages were given a common space for residents to come together to socialize to talk about local issues.  The modern hookah is a made of aluminum and stainless steal, and have a rubber hose that you use to inhale the smoke created by water heated at the base which passes through the tobacco or non tobacco molasses and creates the flavored smoke.

At Hafez Tea House, because of BC laws, they only offer the non tobacco molasses herbs that come in various fruit scents for you to smoke.  They also have vast menu of different teas for you to drink while you enjoy the hookah experience.  Music and belly dancing entertainers are also booked at the hookah lounge to create a fun and energetic atmosphere as you sit back, relax, and have a great time out with your friends, the amazing staff at Hafez Tea House.