Bouncing High at Extreme Air Park Indoor Trampoline


If only we could all fly into the air to touch they sky, wouldn’t that be amazing.  Well you may not be making it all the way up to the sky, but you can for sure get some pretty good air at the Extreme Air Park Indoor Trampoline Park in Richmond.  It’s taken the backyard trampoline experience to the edge with a floor to ceiling indoor trampoline adventure like you have never seen before.  Whether you’re just looking to bounce around, do the classic bum drop, or even a few flips in the air, there isn’t a better place for you to reach those heights them this amazing facility.

More info: A Trampoline session will never be the same after you are done spending your day at the Extreme Air Park in Richmond, even before you go for your first bounce you will be blown away by the possibilities that your mind will being to imagine.  With its 42,000 sq/ft facility, this is Canada’s largest indoor trampoline Park, and has a variety of activities that will appease any high flyer.  From their main air zone room which has over 80 interlocking trampolines on the floors and walls, to the Foam Zone and Half Pipe, you can literally through yourself into the fun of it all.  For those looking for a more sports based activity, everyone can be the slam dunk champion in their Zero Gravity Basketball Zone, or the spike master through the Vertical Volleyball experience.  Dodgeball will never be the same either after you have experienced a game in their 3-D Dodgeball zone, it’s make getting hit actually seem fun.

Along with the fun features, Extreme Air Park Trampoline in Richmond also offers aerobic classes that utilize trampolines to provide your fitness needs, as well as group booking opportunities for those looking to come with a party of use the facilities to train for their athletic needs.