Home Style Thai Food at Bangkok City Cafe


The distinct smell and flavors that you experience from enjoying Thai food while traveling in Thailand is hard to duplicate when you come back home.  Searching around the city to find the spot that will transport you back across the Pacific becomes an adventure on it’s own, but luckily Bangkok City Cafe on West 4th will bring you an authentic experience. Bringing the dishes that they grew up eating, and inspired by a combination of their families home cooking, and Thai street food, you can expect a meal that will bring the warmth, comfort and heart in every bite that you take.

More info:  Bangkok City Cafe is a restaurant that looks to make eating Thai food an enjoyable and memorable journey that take you to this amazing South East Asian country, without having to leave your own neighborhood.  Taking inspiration from a number of sources, from family to friends, and their own experience in Thailand, they aim to create a menu that has many of the favorites that you would expect, along with their own takes on those classics.  From the always popular Tom Yum soups, curries, pad thai, and Thai beef salad, to dishes that infuse popular Thai ingredients into them, you will have a hard time going through their menu and narrow down just what to order.

To make sure that they are constantly using the best and freshest ingredients in their Thai food, Bangkok City Cafe sources many local products as well as importing ones from Thailand so that guests will be able to be taken back to their experience traveling around the country.  Making sure that their food stands up to both what they grew up with and those that travelers to Thailand remember is something that they look forward to recreating with every bite that you take.