The Sunday Service Improv Comedy Night


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and anything you shout out may be used in a sketch to entertain a whole crowd for the evening, getting out to check out an improv comedy night can be one of the funniest experiences that you could have.  Lucky for us, Vancouver is home to it’s very own improv comedy night stars, The Sunday Service.  Constantly voted as one of the top comedy improv groups in the country, and winner of the CCA Best Improv Troupe in Canada title in 2012, The Sunday Service has been a trademark in the cities nightlife, making crowds smile and laugh every Sunday night the Fox Cabaret.  With performances that are never the same, you can always expect an entertaining night out when you come for a show, with a guarantee that you’ll be looking to come back for more.

More info:  Made up of 6 hilarious and talented individuals, Ryan Beil, Caitlin Howden, Kevin Lee, Aaron Read, Taz VanRassel, and musical director, Emmett Hall, The Sunday Service have worked on and crafted their routines to provide a high quality improv comedy night performance that will leave all guests happy they came.  Their hard work has been recognized through over 20 Canadian Comedy Award Nominations, making them  one of the premiere improv comedy groups around.  With a wide range of sketches, from slap stick, to rock opera, meta comedy, and word play, at each performance you can expect a unique experience as The Sunday Service is constantly breaking down and recreating their acts in a way that will take any serious feelings you had and throw them out the door with laughter.

The Fox Cabaret on Main street is the new home to The Sunday Service performances, and you can come out to catch their improv comedy night ever sunday at 9pm, or listen to their podcast online.