Authentic Neapolitan Pizza at Pizza Garden


A delicious slice of pizza leaves your mouth watering as you taste the combination of tomato sauce, gooey cheese, and savoury toppings on top of a flavourful crust.  Traditional Italian pizzas are meant to have a lightness to them, unlike the heavier dough based ones that you find in North America, but worry not, the taste of the classic Italian Neapolitan pizza can now be found right in the middle of the Granville Street Entertainment District at Pizza Garden. Utilizing world class ingredients, such as flour imported from Italy, vine ripened tomatoes for their home made sauce, and meat from Italy or BC sourced, you will have the chance to experience fine pizza like it is supposed to be done.

More info:  The Neapolitan pizza is the best way to enjoy this classic Italian dish like you would as if you were in Italy.  Restaurants all over the city are making this a staple on their menus, but at Pizza Garden, you can order your own creation to bring home, or drop in to enjoy a slice.  With pizza slice to go being so popular everywhere you look, Pizza Garden stands out as being the only shop that offers the Neapolitan Pizza by the slice.  Bringing together pizza experts to ensure that they serve pizza at the highest level, Pizza Garden has spared no expense in making sure that they are doing everything they can to create a pizza experience that guests will continue coming back to.  Their authentic Italian wood burning oven is a feature on its own that you will notice as you enter the restaurant, while their ingredients are all either brought in from Italy, or sourced from some of the best farms in British Columbia.  Pizza couldn’t be done better or taste as authentic, unless of course you were in Italy.