Flamenco Dancing at The Kino Cafe


Flamenco Dancing in Vancouver is a site to see, and The Kino Cafe has as long standing tradition in hosting performances and introducing this amazing form of dance and music to the city. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, guests can come down to the Kino Cafe to experience a lively night of dancing and music, watching the energy and passion that all the performers put into their performance, and of course meeting a lot of amazing people. The Flamenco shows start at 8pm, and you can always expect that seats will fill up fast, so make sure to get down early to save your spot and enjoy the best that the Kino Cafe has to offer.

More info: A form of Spanish Folk Music and Dance from the Andalusia region of Southern Spain, Flamenco combines singing, guitar playing, dancing, hand clapping, and finger snapping into a wonderful art form where every performer is able to tap into the energy and encourage their fellow performers to create a truly well rounded performance. Flamenco Dancing has quickly spread across the world, with clubs and performance spaces opening up everywhere, Japan being one country that has more academies then there are in Spain.

Along with hosting their Flamenco dancing in Vancouver nights, The Kino Cafe is also host to a number of other events such as a Comedy Night, International Football (Soccer) Matches on the TV, Live Music, and Open Mic Nights.  Whatever your preference, you can always expect a fun night out where you can engage in a highly social atmosphere with many others looking.  The Kino Café is definitely that hidden gem of a spot in your neighborhood where everyone comes together to experience  an incredible evening of performances, drinks, and being able to enjoy a laugh with friends, you don’t want to miss you.

Check out more information about their event on their new webpage www.thekino.ca