From Farm to Table Canadian Cuisine at Fable Kitchen


The idea of Canadian cuisine brings about images of comfort, home grown, fresh, hearty meals shared with those that you love in a rustic setting. It’s a feeling that undoubtably makes you hungry and at Fable Kitchen in Kitsilano, they are creating dishes that will leave you satisfied with every bite.  With their farm to table concept in bringing in locally grown and sourced products to give each dish an outstanding array of flavours, every item on the menu will stand out and make coming back for another visit a must do.

More info:  They always say that a little passion goes a long way, and Fable Kitchen started out as just that, an idea and the desire to create something incredible.  Local Vancouver Chef, and Top Chef Canada competitor Trevor Bird had the inspiration for Fable while competing in the reality television series, and took that inspiration in mapping out his vision of what would become Fable Kitchen once returning to Vancouver.  With a focus on being able to create amazing Canadian cuisine, while showcasing his culinary talents using the best local products he could find, Trevor set about looking for just the right location and partner in making his vision happen.

Fast forward ahead and Fable Kitchen tops the list for must go to restaurants in Vancouver, as well as one of the best at creating Canadian cuisine that captures the flavours that you imagine.  With favourites such as their smoked duck breast, chickpea fritters, wild BC salmon, ploughman lunch platter, and the much talked about Best Canned Tuna there will be plenty that you have to try.  Fable Kitchen is truly a great story about how ones passion can become reality through focusing on the things that are important to you, and making a way for it to happen.