Protect and Adopt a Pet with the BCSPCA


Their excited to see us when we come home, are a companion that is always willing to listen, and provides unquestionable comfort when we need it.  The pets in our lives are one of our best friends, and it is important that we provide a warm, safe and caring home for them.  The BCSPCA has been a leader in the province in ensuring that all animals are treated right by their owners, as well as finding the right home and a loving family for them to be adopted by. Their work has helped ensure that every animal has the care, love, and protection that they deserve, and has made us a society that values the life of an animal with the same amount of love that we would give to one another. When you are looking to adopt a pet, a visit to the BCSPCA will have you ready bring home a new family member.

More info:  With a mission statement “To protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm, and wild animals in BC”, the BCSCPA has served as our provinces protection force and voice for all animals since their founding in 1898.  With 36 branches across the province, they have an incredible reach in ensuring that animals in every community are being treated and cared for in a proper and safe way.

Their adoption program has taken in animals of all types, and is the first place people think of when they are looking to adopt a pet, as the majority of their animals are ones that were left abandoned on their own.  When someones sees harm coming to an animal, the BCSPCA is quick to act on any form of animal cruelty, ensuring that the proper steps are taken to aid in the animals recovery and care so that will eventually find a caring home to go do.  The work that they have done