Hand Pulled Chinese Noodles at Peaceful Restaurant


The rich aroma that comes out of the kitchen at Peaceful Restaurant is full of bold flavours that highlight the dynamic Northern Chinese cuisine that they serve.  Chill peppers play a prominent role in many of the dishes, and demonstrates how truly unique this style of Chinese food is from other areas of China, and from the style of Chinese food that most westerners are familiar with.  One of the most delicious, and noticeable for anyone visiting Peaceful Restaurant is their freshly made hand pulled Chinese noodles that serve as a base for many of their dishes.  It is truly a sight to see their chefs making and pulling the noodles to extraordinary lengths, making the pizza dough process look easy, and draws you in even further in wanting to give them a try.

More info: The Northern Chinese style of food is quite unique from its counterparts in the rest of the country, creating many body warming dishes that are a reflection of their colder, northern climate, and more rugged terrain.  The hand pulled Chinese noodles are definitely a result of that, whereas rice fields are less prominent, so noodles become more of a staple to their diet, along with bread based products.  Peaceful Restaurant serves up many of the dishes that you would find in these areas, such as their Xiao-Long Bao Steamed Buns, Beef Rolls, and those that are highlighted by their spicy flavour, such as Szechaun Thousand Chili Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, and Sizzled Hot Chili Noodles.  All bring a unique flavour that is unlike anything you have tried before, and go along perfectly with the hand pulled Chinese noodles that they make fresh at the restaurant everyday so that you can expect the highest quality in every bite.  Peaceful Restaurant has a variety of locations throughout the city, so where ever you go, you will find a seat ready for you.